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Our Products

At Amtek, we have experience in modifying, designing and servicing a wide variety of vehicular products.

Ambulance & PTV

We have worked on multiple ambulances and Patient Transport Vehicles tailored for various applications and environments, providing stretcher design and installations, seating solutions and wheelchair hoists.

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Accessible & Support Vehicles

We offer various designs and support mechanisms to alter vehicles for anyone requiring customised vehicle support ranging across:

  • wheelchair positions 

  • wheelchair hoists 

  • wheelchair ramps

  • automatic and manual steps 

  • handrails 

  • security barriers/screens 

  • seatbelts 

  • seating support options 

  • custom

Emergency Response Vehicles

We offer support and services for various emergency response vehicles. These range across:

  • Police Vehicles: general duties, highway patrol, prisoner transport options

  • Fire Response Vehicles

  • SES Vehicles


Mobile Businesses 

We can transform any vehicle to meet your mobile business needs. Previous mobile business projects include:

  • dentist 

  • music classroom

  • office

  • barber 

  • beauty clinic 

  • catering

  • day care

  • education centre

  • service centre

  • laundry

  • poker machine display room

  • radio broadcasting 

  • pet grooming

  • surgery 

  • doctors clinic

  • therapy clinic

  • work studio 

Special Purpose Vehicles

We are ready to meet any customisation request, including unique and one-off designs for special purpose vehicles. Previous projects include:

  • Police rescue truck 

  • Road traffic control truck 

  • Optus business trailers 

  • Emergency snow vehicles 

  • Other prisoner transport options


Tour Buses 

We can modify any vehicle of your choice to suit your specific tour bus needs. We offer:​

  • Accessibility options 

  • Accessibility access

  • Lighting 

  • Lush interior design 

  • PA Microphones 

  • Speakers and surround sound 

  • Bar fridge

Other Products & Equipment

We also offer specialised equipment suited to your requests.

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