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TMHA Build Quote Request

Please fill out the Form below to complete your Quote Request. 

Note: this is for Toyota Customers only, for all other inquiries and Quote Requests, click here

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Program Outline for New Builds

1st build for a NEW model must be completed onsite at Amtek NSW to ensure all bracketry and build kits are correct for installation.  This ensures future builds for any new model will be streamlined for projection & parts supply.

1.      Quote Request for New Model – 2 weeks per unit for Inspection and Design work from date of receiving Forklift

2.      PO received from TMHA

3.      Vehicle Intake Amtek Site

4.      Design & Manufacture of bracketry – 2-weeks per unit fabrication & powder coating of bracketry

5.      Build Completion – 2 weeks per unit


*Total build time 6 weeks for a new build

Program Outline for Previously Quoted Builds

1.      Quote Request

2.      PO Received from THMA

3.      Vehicle Intake Amtek Site

4.      Build completion – 2 weeks per unit


Quote validity is 90 days Specific to TMHA Forklift Airconditioning System (Roof mounted/ Low Clearance).  If your quote passes this 90 day term an updated/revised quote will be required. 

Amtek Quotation Terms and Conditions*

1. Amtek quotations are strictly valid for 90 days from the date of the quotation.

2. Amtek quotations 91 days or older from the date of the quotation will need to be re-quoted by Amtek and are valid for a further 90 days from the date of the quotation.

3. Approval of an Amtek quotation is subject to Amtek receiving, prior to the Amtek quotation expiry period: a. An Official Purchase Order b. The Vehicle c. Any Customer-supplied Parts

4. If all of the above are not provided to Amtek prior to the quotation expiry date, a re-quotation will be required.

5. Providing Amtek an Official Purchase Order will constitute approval of the Amtek Scope of works as detailed in the Amtek quotation and agreement of Amtek Quotation Terms & Conditions.

6. In the interim, in lieu of an Official Purchase Order being provided to Amtek, written confirmation and an ‘order reference’ must be provided to Amtek. All approving documentation must reference the approved Amtek quotation number. An Official Purchase Order must be provided to Amtek prior to job commencement.

7. All customer-supplied parts must be delivered to Amtek prior to the commencement of the build. Failure to supply Amtek with any customer-supplied parts may result in significant delays to the build commencement and completion dates.

8. Vehicles are required to be dropped off/delivered to Amtek no earlier than 5 business days prior to the scheduled Amtek Production start date.

9. Vehicles completed by Amtek need to be collected from our site within 5 business days of the scheduled works being completed. An email notification will be sent from Amtek advising the scheduled works have been completed and requesting the vehicle be collected.

10. Any customer failing to adhere to the Amtek Vehicle Storage Facility Policy will be charged a daily penalty of $20.00 plus GST per vehicle for each additional day the vehicle(s) are onsite at Amtek. Finalisation of Amtek Vehicle Storage penalties is required in full prior to the vehicle being released. 11. Prices quoted are subject to GST if applicable.

12. Amtek quotations include an initial design fee and incorporate one variation into the initial design. Any subsequent design changes will be considered a variation and charged accordingly. All Intellectual Property (IP) created by Amtek is subject to copyright and will remain the property of Amtek.

13. Requests for variations of any kind to the initial scope of works, including additional items and changes in materials must be submitted to Amtek in writing. An amended Amtek quotation, charged at an additional cost will be provided for approval or rejection by the customer within three business days of the variation request. Approved variations must be signed and returned to Amtek with an official Purchase Order prior to the additional works commencing.

14. Variations received late in the build process may result in additional labour costs added to the variation, as a result of Amtek having to decommission some of the vehicle to allow for the new variation.

15. At the discretion of Amtek, parts may be substituted from those listed on the Amtek quotation due to availability and/or technology advancements.

16. Amtek workmanship is covered by a 12 month or 50,000 km (whichever comes first) “Back to Base” Warranty. Amtek provides the standard supplier Warranty of parts and materials. A copy of Amtek’s Warranty Statement is available online at or can be provided by an Amtek representative.

17. Eligible Warranty Claims will be subject to the equipment maintenance and/or service at regular frequencies as specified by Amtek. Any unauthorised third-party service or repair works carried out on equipment fitted by Amtek will immediately void the Warranty offered by Amtek.

18. Subject to availability Amtek can provide in-house and mobile on-site service and repair support, additional call-out/site visit costs will apply. Note: the cost of a scheduled service excludes part replacement or repair costs that may arise during a service.

19. Amtek customer payment terms are a 50% deposit prior to the commencement of the scope of works, with the remaining 50% balance due seven days from the date of the Amtek invoice, unless otherwise approved in writing by Amtek Accounts Receivable. To request a review of payment terms, please complete a Creditor Application Form.

20. Completion dates advised by Amtek are estimations and should only be used as a guide. A completion date may vary due to unforeseen circumstances beyond Amtek’s control.

21. All work completed by Amtek Pty Ltd complies with relevant regulations and where applicable is covered by a Vehicle Safety Compliance Certificate.

 22. Amtek Pty Ltd holds appropriate levels of insurance coverage for statutory requirements including Product and Public Liability.

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