Wheelchair Accessible & Special Needs Vehicles

Amtek designs, manufactures and provides maintenance to a variety of Wheelchair Accessible, Special Needs and Easily Accessible Vehicles for a range of health and community services, nursing homes, and private clients throughout Australia. All our designs are customized to meet our client's specific needs while maintaining safety requirements and standards. 

Specific services we provide include, but are not limited to;

  • Wheelchair Access Conversions for a variety of vehicles, customized to fit multiple wheelchairs and accommodate other seating requirements

  • Seating modifications, including the addition, replacement or removal of factory seating, as well as folding, rotating and quick release seating

  • Aftermarket Seat Covers, for both appearance and hygiene

  • Manual and Automatic Fold-out Steps to allow easier access to the vehicle

  • Handrails and grab handles to aid access to the vehicle

  • Security barriers and other safety modifications

  • A variety of safety equipment and wheelchair restraints