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“Marine Rescue Sydney, Marine Rescue Sydney, Marine Rescue Sydney this is Amtek, Amtek, Amtek, over.”

Mobile Incident Command Unit to hit the road for Marine Rescue NSW

Amtek has recently completed the design and build of a new Mobile Incident Command vehicle for Marine Rescue NSW.

This vehicle is set out to assist in additional communications and expand the capacity of Marine Rescue NSW.

Amtek’s representative Michael worked closely with Marine Rescue to design the vehicle in accordance with the capability that would allow them to assist in the command and control of major emergency operations. Fundamentally, the Mobile Incident Command vehicle is equipped with marine radio communications, IT and audio-visual displays, Amtek’s autonomous vehicle start/stop function and a stand-alone power supply that is also charged from the two fitted solar panels. This vehicle has capabilities to transport up to 6 personnel and when stationary, accommodate two operators.

Congratulations Marine Rescue NSW on the addition to your fleet.

For more information on Mobile Command Units or the modifications to your vehicle, please contact Amtek today on (02) 8709 7900 or email

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