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Fuel On The Go

Fuel Car Service to go Viral around Australia and International as HaloGo ultimately want to change the way we fuel our car – offering the “convenience of a service station to you”.

Amtek’s representative Mark Needham, along with senior engineers and fabricators, worked closely with HaloGo in assisting with the design and construction of Australia’s first on-demand duel delivery app ‘HaloGo’ launching in March 2020. The service is simple – you park your vehicle in an accessible location, order the service on the app, leave the petrol door open, and be notified once your tank has been filled. The design featured a slick modern look with the ability to safely carry around a number of fuelling options and pumps.


Congratulations to the founder Brigid Shute, and all parties involved. For more information on Custom Body Fabrication or Engineered Vehicular Solutions, click here to contact us, or call us on    (02) 8709 7900 

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