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Alan started his career in aviation and worked on wide body commercial and military aircraft, building a comprehensive understanding of structures, fabrication, repairs/maintenance and aircraft operation systems.

After ten years in Aviation he moved into the private sector and joined a small sheet metal firm. Over the course of the next 20 years he grew a business that operated 10 global manufacturing facilities and multiple Joint Ventures across 5 separate business platforms. 

The versatility of the product range always increasing, this includes and is not exclusive to; Products for the aviation industry achieving supply accreditation to the global aviation market, manufacturing more than 1000 ambulances each year, designing Australia’s own range of stretchers and rescue equipment, wheelchair accessible products, and a global market for ground support equipment used for servicing aircraft. Employing more than 400 staff, the business entered a sale program and Alan was replaced in his position as CEO.  Now with his new company, Amtek, he has applied the same business acumen and dedication to customer service that made his previous company so successful. He has done this by assembling an extremely talented and devoted team.  Amtek is now successfully renowned for delivering clever solutions, new technology and continuing the evolution of product development.

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