Who Is Amtek?

Amtek is an Australian owned and operated company operating from our state of the art, purpose-built premises centrally located in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

We specialise in building bespoke, customised, engineered vehicular solutions for a range of clients.  Our clients include government departments, Emergency services such as the Ambulance Service, Police, NSW Fire Rescue, Traffic Management Centre, and the State Emergency Service.  Other clients include ADHC retirement & nursing homes, special needs schools, the mining industry, tourism and education, all the way through to mums and dads and the family car.

What Does Amtek Offer?

High-Quality Vehicle design, modifications, and accessories

Superior customer care and commitment

Fast and prompt lead times

Management team with a combined experience of over 50 years

Experienced staff with extensive industry training

Dependable modern equipment

Stretchers and rescue equipment

12 month standard warranty period with extended warranty options

Superior after-sales service

Vehicle collection and delivery services

In-house and on-site equipment services and repairs

Free quotations and technical advice within 24 hours

Free local on-site training and consultation services